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Excel Formulas Google Spreadsheet

This is a quick attempt to share my favorite excel/google spreadsheet formulas that have saved me a bunch of time.

Here it is: My Favorite Google Sheet Formulas

Find me on twitter at @oconnell if you have any questions.

Most of this is stupid simple things I do regularly and don’t remember the syntax off the top of my head so I put it here. I also used it as the sandbox where I figure stuff out.

I particularly like using the survey form available via Google Sheets and tallying the results.

Some of the things I have included:

  • Counting things
  • Day and Date stuff
  • Trimming names and email addresses
  • Concatenating all sorts of stuff – like HTML
  • Finding unique values
  • Alphabetizing unique columns
  • Keeping a cell with a formula that is false blank
  • count days available, people responding, who responded
  • used it to remove spaces
  • split two values like first and last name or after comma or quote or carriage return
  • Match name or count specific responses
  • Make first letter of each word in each cell in a column capital
  • SORT/BLANK – Sort all unique entries alphabetically
  • What a certain person responded
  • When you want a word and a total count in the same cell like – Cost $29
  • Profit Margin
  • Print if cell contains
  • Changing things to title case

For survey responses

  • Looking up responses with vlookup