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I use Gmail for small business for my company and I work with Microsoft outlook 2010 when I’m working for a client and it gives me an interesting insight as to why I prefer using Gmail for my domain for my company.

Here are my top tips for utilizing Gmail for better productivity with your email.

Saving a search as your homepage.

I read a productivity tip recently that said to start with yesterday’s email to make sure you don’t lose track of it. When my browser opens in the morning. I save this search as my homepage when my browser opens. Therefore I can only see emails that didn’t get finished yesterday and I can get them out of the way before I start on today’s work.

Email triage

I have saved searches bookmarked in a folder called email triage. Here are some examples of searches I have saved.

  • Emails with the word unsubscribe
  • Emails with the word facebook
  • Emails older than 3 days


I really like that filters can be set up with a search query. I even have a spreadsheet that will produce a search query based on the email addresses I provide.