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Welcome! I own several websites and have built a business building and operating websites. is the leading web platform for league and team management. My two largest baseball websites are and I am one of the...

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Excel Formulas Google Spreadsheet

Excel Formulas Google Spreadsheet This is a quick attempt to share my favorite excel/google spreadsheet formulas that have saved me a bunch of time. Here it is: My Favorite Google Sheet Formulas Find me on twitter at @oconnell if you have any questions. Most of this...

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All Star Gear

You can get cool socks and t-shirts I designed on These are the socks: These are the...

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My Cooking Tips and Tricks

If you've made the mistake of asking me, you know I'm really into cooking right now. I thought I would share some of my tips and successes in case I can help anyone learn. My son and I are moving these tips and our favorite recipes to a new website so stay tuned!...

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Electric Bikes

This article has been moved to my new website: I have been fascinated by the idea of electric bikes for a while now and decided to dive in and get one. I purchased an Ecotric off of Amazon for $625. I bought it Monday morning, it was delivered to a local...

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Email Productivity With Gmail

I use Gmail for small business for my company and I work with Microsoft outlook 2010 when I'm working for a client and it gives me an interesting insight as to why I prefer using Gmail for my domain for my company. Here are my top tips for utilizing Gmail for better...

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