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Free Office Software

Google Chrome

A faster browser more compatible browser


A free and robust alternative to Microsoft Office


Setting up a free gmail account allows you to use their cloud office software and collaborate with any other gmail users

PDF Creator

An easy and free way to make PDFs

Small PDF

Makes a pdf much smaller

Mozilla Thunderbird

An excellent email client with awesome spam filtering.

Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer

For those without PowerPoint

Free Creative Software


Online Image Editing – great if you need to quickly resize or crop an image


Free Image Editing Software

GNU Image Manipulation Program

Free Image Editing Software


Free Illustration Software


Robust audio recording and editing software

Free Security Software

AVG Antivirus

Free Antivirus software recommended by both Maximum PC and PC World.

I do not guarantee this or any other product but you ABSOLUTELY NEED to be running
an antivirus. So if you do not have Norton or McAfee, you can use this one for free.


Free Personal Firewall Software

If you have a broadband connection or access the internet through a wireless connection, you should have a firewall.

New Computers


Allows you to download all of the extra programs you use and install them easily and without toolbars.